Trust the specialists in their field

Specialist translations are characterized by the use of appropriate terminology and vocabulary. Our translators have not only linguistic knowledge, but also specialist knowledge supported by extensive business experience.

Production translations 

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest international businesses. We are aware of the importance of contacts with foreign manufacturers and suppliers, which can sometimes be troublesome due to language barriers. Mentor Translation Agency will help you in foreign language contacts, which will allow you to establish cooperation with foreign partners and will influence the development of your company and diversification into international markets.

Examples of production translations include: description of the production process, technology description, conformity certificates, quality books, work specifications, operating data and many others.

Medical translations

Medical translations are one of the most complicated translations. They require broad linguistic and medical knowledge. Our translators are experienced specialists who know medical nomenclature very well, thanks to which in our office you can translate medical documentation into the required language, being sure that it will be fully understood in medical institutions abroad.

Examples of medical translations include: laboratory tests, ultrasound results, magnetic resonance imaging, treatment reports for various diseases, discharges from the hospital, sick leaves, medical certificates, referrals for examinations, documentation to apply for benefits due to an illness.

Translations of scientific publications

Scientific publications are the most frequently published articles in foreign literature by Polish scientists. Translation of scientific texts is subject to high linguistic, grammatical and substantive requirements. Before publication, the texts translated by us are sent to reviewers, who check the correctness of the translation and allow it to be published. Translations of scientific publications are often carried out by Mentor Translation Agency due to their high quality, accuracy and timeliness, which is appreciated by researchers.

Examples of translations of scientific publications concern: scientific articles, research results, books, manuals.

Legal translations

Legal translations are provided for Law Firms, Notary Offices, Courts, Public Prosecutor’s Offices or for individuals dealing with their official matters. Translation of legal documentation requires a great deal of knowledge, knowledge of the law and accuracy. Using their extensive knowledge, our translators make every effort to provide accurate and comprehensible translations.

Examples of legal translations include notarial deeds, court documents, legal expert opinions, codes, legal opinions, pleadings in civil proceedings, succession documents, power of attorney, motions and extracts from the National Court Register and many others.

Economic translations

Economic translations concern texts in the field of finance, accounting, marketing and HR (human resources). The most frequently translated economic texts include credit documentation, company start-ups abroad, tax settlements, business plans, EU projects, marketing materials and texts for websites, job offers. etc.

Examples of economic translations include: certified accountants’ opinions, audits, tender offers, annual reports, share purchase agreements, ISO quality manuals, financial statements for the financial year, credit agreements, salary certificates, product range, restaurant menus, job titles and many others.

Technical translations

Technical translations refer to technical texts such as operating manuals, manuals, machine DTR documentation, machine programming, etc. They require specialist engineering knowledge, which of course is provided by our translators who are certified NOT technical translators.

Examples of technical translations include: safety data sheets, guarantee sheets, inspection sheets, declarations of conformity, DTR declarations, product technical information, installation and operating instructions, quality control reports.

The translation price is calculated on the basis of the number of pages, with the translation billing page being 1800 computer characters with spaces. Character counting is performed using “word statistics" in Microsoft Word.