International business will become easier with us

Interpretation is divided into consecutive, simultaneous, whispered and accompanying interpreting. We will help you break down language barriers at business conferences, international symposia or press interviews.

We offer our clients simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and accompanying interpreting services in the field of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is the translation into a foreign language of a statement listened to for the first time. Most frequently performed during press conferences, industry conferences or training sessions attended by members from many countries.

Consecutive interpreting is most often used during business meetings. It involves interpreting a speaker’s speech piece by piece.
Whispered interpreting is used when during a meeting or conference the Client does not speak the language used by other people participating in the event.

Accompanying translations are recommended for businessmen visiting a selected country for business purposes. An interpreter will be provided at his/her disposal throughout the visit.
tłumaczeń ustnych oferujemy naszym Klientom tłumaczenia symultaniczne, konsekutywne, szeptane oraz towarzyszące.